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Mr. Winston Zeddemore

Unable to keep up with their crushing workload, the paranormal entrepreneurs place a 'help wanted' ad which draws the fourth member of their team -- Winston Zeddemore.
Until the final shooting draft, Winston had been seen in the script as a security man for the company. When it became apparent that the Ghostbusters had no real need for a security man, he became instead a full-fledged -- if not altogether convinced -- Ghostbuster.
"I think the original concept for Winston's character was younger and hipper." says Michael Gross, Associate Producer. "At one point, we were talking with Gregory Hines about playing the part. We also considered getting a young, black comedian -- somebody like Eddie Murphy. But, in retrospect, it's probably just as well we didn't. It would have been just a little too much. As it is, there is a nice balance among the four characters. Winston is the moderate character against which the other three can play."